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Food Diaries : The Thali

the thali, a plate that overwhelms me..

Vaayadi Pennu

panchvati gauravThe thali, totally a luxurious meal.. luxurious because I just have to sit and food is served. It is a lavish meal as well, because of the spread of food. However, I’m not a thali meal kind of a person..  I find it very difficult to enjoy a thali because of the continuous arrival of food at regular intervals.. I like my meal portion small .. smaller plates.. less cluttered with katories.. may be a spoon and a fork or may be just use the fingers.

But I do enjoy a five or seven course meal..even a thali is a five course meal in some sense, but the visual of a five course all at once in one big plate kind of drives away my hunger! the big plate, the 8-10 katoris just overwhelms me at the sight of it all..

Plus, I would love something among the first few…

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